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July 29 2017

# TheBeach

Banzai Pipeline Reef

The Banzai Pipeline is not a multi-national corporation’s idea of feeding oil to the rest of the world. That’s because there’s no oil and no pipeline at Banzai. I know, so what the heck is it? Surfer dudes and surfer chicks would have picked up instantly what I was hinting at when I first mentioned the site. We’re talking serious waves and serious tube ride opportunities.

Located in Hawaii off of Oahu’s North Shore, the Banzai Pipeline is famous for the huge waves that break as soon as the reach the reef shallows. What this does it form big, hollow and thick curls of water. In other words, water tubes you can ride inside of and if that’s not enough, there are three reefs that make up the entire section cool dudes like Shaka like to just call The Pipe.

# TheChow

Hank's Chicago Dog

It’s a Hawaii Original. Hank’s Haute Dogs are so upscale and completely off the chart that spelling the word H-O-T would be just an insult. The brains behind the tubes of meat wrapped in buns and all kinds of crazy condiment combinations is a guy named Hank Adaniya. He knows his way around a kitchen because he has a Mobil Guide five-star rating which rocks. 

But what really gets the taste buds and Shaka’s buds trembling is the menu. Hank’s Haute Dogs are not your typical tube of meat byproducts and filler. We’re talking quality eats that even got Hank a spot on ‘Man Vs. Food’ because of combos like Haute BBQ Sauce and Kalua Pig. But don’t take my word for it, look up Hank’s and be sure to say Shaka sent you.

# TheSpot

Magic Island Oahu Hawaii

There’s something magical about the combination of water tubes and tubes of meat in a bun. It only makes sense that the best way to end a day spent with both of those is at a spot called Magic Island. Mmmmm. That makes Shaka think of something that may be a good idea for a completely different kind of blog. Anyway, at this Magic Island it’s all about relaxing. 

The way they relax is through yoga and if you haven’t tried it, be sure to start with the sunset candlelight beach yoga experience. Everyone is welcome and even if yoga doesn’t interest you, there’s plenty more distractions to keep you occupied. Like spending a few days on the beach thinking about riding some waves and chewing on some dogs.

# TheWeather

# TheScore

The Good

  • Fancy Hot Dogs get called ‘Haute’ so you know you’re getting something good
  • Effortlesly Mixes convert and action-oriented gameplay
  • The Pipeline has nothing to do with oil so it won’t harm the environment

The Bad

  • Beginner surfers would be wise to skip trying this spot without proper insurance
  • If you’re expecting a 99-cent heat lamp dog, this isn’t for you
  • It’s not Yoga Camp


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